This Man Confessed (Page 178)

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‘No, you’re not. Kiss me, wife.’ I need to distract her. She doesn’t waste any time. She’s on me immediately, moaning into my mouth and yanking at my hair. It always works. ‘You taste delicious.’ I’m growling. F*****g hell, I’m going to lose my f**king mind. I bite her lip and push my hips into the curves of her perfect body. ‘I’m getting rid of them.’ I declare. ‘F*****g imposters.’

She grins that f**king grin, hardening me further. ‘Stop being unreasonable.’ She laughs. ‘It’s your babies day.’

‘There is nothing unreasonable about me wanting you and my babies all to myself.’ I try to focus on cooling down my raging hard on, but with my body pushed up to hers, those eyes begging for me to claim her, it’s f**king impossible. ‘I can’t look at you.’ I mutter, stepping away and exiting the kitchen sharply before I bend her over the counter top.

I’m about to trample the party.

* * *

I virtually kick the last people out, which happen to be Ava’s parents and they’re taking my babies for the night, so I’m delicate-ish. I lean into the back of Joseph’s car, my heart pounding happily at the sound of my babies giggling when I take turns to smother them. ‘Be bad for nana.’ I wink, get another collective giggle and a scold from Elizabeth before shutting the door and sprinting back into the house on the prowl.

‘Ava?’ I shout, poking my head around the kitchen door. ‘Ava?’

‘You have to find me!’ She laughs, but I can’t figure out from which direction that silky voice came from.

Damn it, she’s playing f**king games. ‘Ava, don’t make me crazy mad.’ I warn. Where the f**k is she? ‘Ava?’ She’s silent now, and so copping it when I get my hands on that body. ‘For f**k sake!’ I yell, taking the stairs four at a time and crashing into our bedroom. ‘Ava?’


I stand in the middle of the bedroom contemplating my next move. It doesn’t take me long. ‘Three,’ I say it evenly and with optimum confidence. I am confident. She can’t resist me. ‘Two,’ I keep still, listening for any sign of movement. Nothing. ‘One,’ I say quietly, my c**k twitching wildly. I know she’s near.

‘Zero, baby.’ she whispers from behind me, her seductive voice pulling the corners of my lips up. I turn and nearly stagger back at the sight of her standing before me, in just a small pair of lace knickers. F**k me, she gets more beautiful every day. Despite my urgency, I take my time absorbing her in all of her flawlessness, my eyes dragging over her firm, perfectly formed br**sts, over her ridiculously flat stomach and down those fabulous legs. I’m throbbing as I watch her slide her lace down her thighs, and I take my time unbuttoning my shirt and removing my jeans. She doesn’t seem to mind. Her big brown eyes are enthralled by my leanness. Nothing changes.

‘Do you like what you see?’ My voice is low and tempting, although this woman needs no tempting when it comes to me.

Her lips part and her tongue creeps along her full bottom lip. I’m rigid. Everywhere. ‘I’m used to it.’ she whispers, her eyes flicking across my chest.

I’m on her in a flash, my mouth attacking hers with brute force. She doesn’t stop me and she never will. Her legs wrap around my hips, her arms around my neck and she’s all mine again.

‘How loud do you think you’ll scream when I f**k you?’ I ask, ramming her up against the wall, breathing in her face.

‘I’d say quite loud?’ she pants, grappling at my hard back before shifting her hands into my hair and yanking, hard.

I smile, rear back and slam into her, my head falling back on a yell, my hearing being saturated by the sound of her screaming.

I don’t demand to see her eyes anymore. I don’t need to check she’s real.

As long as my heart keeps beating, I’ll know that she is.

End of.

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